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Farmers Markets East Coast U.S.

Looking for Farmers Markets. In Rhode Island the Aquidneck Growers Market is a must if you want to explore the home grown produce of the region. there are 2 locations over 2 days, Wednesday afternoon in Newport on Memorial Boulevarde Parkway and at the wonderful Newport Vineyards every Saturday morning. Just check for the cooler months.

There are about 30 vendors in total promoting some incredible local produce, either grown or produced locally.

Dont miss chatting with the miller from Gray’s Grist Mill.  this is a Slow Food story if ever there was one.  Here is a snippet that helps intro what these guys are doing , read more on their web,    Gray’s Mill ground a variety of grains during it’s long history. But by far, the most popular first for this mill is Narragansett Indian Flint Corn, native to Rhode Island. The white cap flint corn was originally a species of wild grass, domesticated by American Indians. As locals know, it is notoriously difficult to grow, and to grind….……

Some of the seafood was unusual with some very unique Oysters like Ive never seen before.

Newport Vineyards, the home for the Saturday market, is worth an extended visit its an exceptional set up, making some excellent wines and providing great service in a quality premise. I will be doing a separate wine story to follow soon.


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