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The biggest market in Europe

The biggest Market In Europe.

Torino counts 42 open-air markets and 6 covered markets, supplying all the city areas and neighbourhoods. The farmers Markets Turin, The urban transformation undertaken by the city during the last decades, requires a deep re-thinking of the single markets and of their overall distribution on the local territory. In the Central Markets project, the City of Torino decided to address particularly two important markets in town covering the two main commercial areas: food (Porta Palazzo Market) and non-food (Martini-Benefica Market).

Farmers Markets turin
Oldest Markets In Europe

Farmers Markets
Turin Markets

Porta Palazzo Market
The Porta Palazzo Market, located in Piazza della Repubblica, is the largest open air market in Europe with around 800 stalls from Mondays to Fridays and its 50,000 m2 surface. The market attracts Torinese customers even from distant neighborhoods, as well as foreign visitors, due to its excellent quality and prices.

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Tutin Markets

The open air market is strengthened by 4 coexisting covered markets (clothing market, fish market, food market and deli market) and by the shops and cafes that are on the same square. The presence of farmers is remarkable (100 stalls every day directly selling the farmers’ own production), and any typical goods can be found (fruit and vegetables, cold cuts, cheese, flowers, clothing, shoes, household goods, second-hand goods).

Markets in Turin
Fish Market Turin

The market was renovated in 2006, the project and works have been carried out by the City of Torino. The Porta Palazzo market is an important employment place for the non-Community citizens coming mainly from Eastern Europe. Its area actually records the highest concentration of foreign citizens in town.

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Martini – Benefica Market
The Martini-Benefica Market, located in a semi-central area, is the most famous Torinese market selling designer and vintage clothing. The presence of around 25 stalls selling foodstuff (fruit and vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, fish and farmers products) completes the offer of the market. The presence of several stalls selling clothing and shoes where the most representative brands of  Italian fashion at competitive prices can be found, is however what makes the Martini-Benefica Market one of the most relevant places for shopping in Torino. The non-foodstuff stalls are actually over 100. The market, located on the 4 sides of Piazza Martini, is open from Monday to Saturday.

Lemons in Italy

These markets are amazing, and as aways I visit the markets in any Italian city before deciding on what I need to see in the region surrounding the city I am in.

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  1. i lived in turin for more than 45 years. i always knew that porta palazzo was the biggest open air market in turin but, when i searched for it, it came out the biggest one is the hague market. whats going on?

  2. Largest is Riga market Latvia…
    The Central Market of Riga, is a group of buildings located in Riga. It is, according to various sources, the largest covered market and bazaar in Europe…

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