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Phuket Night Markets

There are many markets in Phuket , the best known are Phuket Weekend Market, The Chillva Market in Phuket Town, The Phuket Walking Street Market, Malin Plaza in Patong, and Phuket Indy Market also in Phuket.The night markets in Laguna are the best food markets in Phuket in my humble opinion.




Just off Boat Avenue Laguna is the Phuket Night Market, which opens on Friday night and although its smaller than the better known markets it offers a wonderful selection of local foods, from street food stalls,  wonderful local fruits, and seafood in abundance, all prepared for dining on the spot. There is also live music and about 30 stalls selling good quality fashion items, from clothing tho sunglasses, jeans, tee shirts. Fortunately there are very few knick knack stores.

A visit to these markets is enjoyable, rewarding and educational. Watching foreigners when they first see

the crunchy morsels that are actually insects always puts a smile on the face of the insect vendor.Eating insects in Thailand is commonplace, and at these markets you will come across fried crickets, Tarantula, water bugs, and wood larvae, cicada’s and beetles.

The markets are open on Friday leading in to twilight and continuing until about 9pm. The Night markets are surrounded by a dining precinct that includes some really good dining options, good bars, and if ou are looking for live sport, head to Peppers Sports Bar, where they feature live sport from all round the world. If its a glass of wine you fancy visit Drinks & Co, and remember wines are expensive in Thailand.

Peppers Sports Bar Phuket
Drinks & Co
The name says it all.
Delicious tarts
coconut sticky rice fritters
local seafood
Fish baked in Salt

By 7pm the place is humming with Locals and foreign  foodies, and expats all looking for Street Food Thai style. This part of the island is far more refined than the Patong area and well worth considering if you are coming to Phuket.

The fruits of Thailand are the best in the world. Mangosteens, Mangoes and Papaya are just delicious.



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