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Five Best Wine Experiences in Sicily

1 The Etna Region

2 Tenuta Regaleali by the Tasca Family

3 Marsala

4 Planeta Wine Estates

5 Occhipinti

 Mt Etna. Sicily is famous for producing wine with the Nero D’Avola grape, but many of the wineries on Mt. Etna focus on other grapes, such as the native grapes nerello mascalese and nerello cappuccio . Grapes are grown in extreme conditions, and history is blended with technology in the winemaking process. A must do wine experience in Sicily, to meet the characters who have made history , and taste the amazing wines now being produced on the side of Mt Etna.

Explore the wine regions of Sicily here. Sicily’s winegrowing Mosaic.

vineyard terraces Mt Etna

Tenuta Regaleali by the Tasca Family

In 1830, two Tasca brothers bought the “Tenuta Regaleali” (Regaleali Estate), a green oasis in the centre of Sicily, in the ancient County of Sclafani. Since then, generation after generation, they have been custodians of this territory and have shared its fruits with passion. Regaleali, an estate of almost 600 hectares, 12 types of different soils, 6 hills between 450 and 850 metres above sea level, should be understood as an island in its own right, a monopole to be studied and understood with great precision. All the wines come from a single vineyard, or from more than one vineyard, but always within the same estate. They now employ over 100 locals and this stunning estate is a must for wine lovers and foodies.

Lucio Tasca
Lucio Tasca. founder of the Tasca Family wines.


Marsala fortified wine was probably first popularized outside Sicily by the English trader John Woodhouse. In 1773, he landed at the port of Marsala and discovered the local wine produced in the region, which was aged in wooden casks and tasted similar to Spanish and Porto fortified wines then popular in England. Fortified Marsala was, and is, made using a process called in perpetuum, which is similar to the solera system used to produce sherry in Spain.

Woodhouse recognized that the in perpetuum process raised the alcohol level and alcoholic taste of this wine while also preserving these characteristics during long-distance sea travel. Woodhouse further believed that fortified Marsala would be popular in England. Marsala indeed proved so successful that Woodhouse returned to Sicily and, in 1796, began its mass production and commercialization.

Visit at least 3 places to get an understanding of the history, and the complexity of ths fascinating wine style. The cellars are steeped in history, and a guided tour is a must.

Marsala winery


These words from their website……Our history is the story of a journey through time and space, through Sicily from west to east, and through the five areas where today we produce our wines, our olive oils and the places of our family hospitality. A long journey which we chose in order to protect the uniqueness of the environment, the countryside and the culture with the same respect with which we explore the characteristics of the terroirs and the vineyards, enhancing the specific details of each area.

We travelled through Sicily as on a great wine continent, establishing our estates in five different areas from west to east, seeking our interpretation of them through research into indigenous varieties, including those by now forgotten, and into the suitability of the different terroirs to welcome international varieties as well. We planned to eventually build around each territory a comprehensive system of experience composed of hospitality, cooking, nature and culture. On these elements the history of our company has always been based. This instinct for the future, together with our curiosity to see the world and compare ourselves with it, has guided our choices.

Planeta produce wines from vineyards in 5 different regions of Sicily, at Menfi, Vittoria, Noto, Etna, and Capo Milazzo in the North Eastern tip of the island. Planeta wine estates link.

Sicily wine regions


Arianna Occhipinti is an Italian winemaker and winery owner based in Vittoria, Italy. She is based in the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG, where she grows Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes. Occhipinti has worked in the wine industry since age 16, and has released red wine vintages under her own label starting at age 22. Innovative, vibrant & highly respected  this is a wine experience worth exploring, along with the family related COS winery in the same region.

Sicily wine experiences Occhipinti

All of these five best wine experiences  feature in our wine and food tours  to Sicily 

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