Flavours of Sardinia- a wine and food tour of Sardinia Wine Food Traveller

Flavours of Sardinia A wine and food tour in Italy

Wine and food tour Sardinia ? yes please.

Sardinia is the Heart of Genuine Flavours…. a table laid with delicacies before a crystal clear sea or surrounded by green valleys.  Tasting the island’s traditional specialities never ceases to be an extraordinary discovery.. This is a perfect place for a wine and food tour. We have nearly closed our 12th September tour, and will do so by 12th May.  Book now.

wine and food Sardinia
Sardinia awaits

Sardinia has an age-old story, told by the archaeological evidence dotted throughout the
territory. The tangible signs of the prehistoric island are endless: menhir, dolmen, domus
de Janas, sacred wells, tombs of the giants and countless Nuraghe complexes. Enormous
stones that have been guarding secrets for four thousand years. Buildings, often intact, of
the first civilizations ever to exist in Europe, the only sites of their kind in the world, a
patrimony to be discovered and experienced: this is the Stonehenge of the Mediterranean.

wine and food Sardinia
Sardinian Seafood

Sardinia, the most extraordinary island in the Mediterranean. Its nature
is unspoilt and wild – a combination of the strength and splendour of the sea and the
energy of the rugged mountain scenery. Endless stretches of sparkling white sand and
granite promontories overlooking the crystal-clear waters with a thousand colours.

And oh, the food…how to express in few words the history of Sardinian food? Food tells the
story of a territory: very few places in the world can boast food that is as authentic as that in
Sardinia. The quality of the products and the preparation and flavour of the dishes are
values that go beyond their tastiness and are the heritage of thousands of years of history.
Sardinian cuisine is still very similar to the way it was many centuries ago, while differing
between the various territories and preparation techniques. Whether on the coast or
inland, Sardinia’s delicious specialities, based on simple and genuine ingredients, with
strong yet delicate flavours, never fail to amaze.

wine and food tours Sardinia
Cooking in Sardinia

You will enjoy authentic products and traditional dishes wherever you go on the Island.
Sardinia is the home of numerous traditional high-quality products: from Pecorino and Fiore Sardo cheeses, Zafferano (saffron) and Bottarga (salted, cured fish roe) to its wines. Family kitchens and restaurants are always at work preparing typical recipes and specialities.

Natural monuments and unique landscapes, hills and valleys, birdlife parks and reserves,
old towns and archaeological sites, knowledge and flavours, artistic handicrafts and food
and wine itineraries.
Sardinia is a little universe, you would need an entire life to discover it! Would you like to
join us on a wine and food tour through this gorgeous Mediterranean jewel? We are waiting for you!

Sardinia Traditions
Traditional Dancers Sardinia.

From the coast to the villages in the hills, Sardinia is a land of memories and landscapes between culture, archaeology & locavore

beaches Sardinia
discover amazing beaches in Sardinia

This tour explores the amazing breadth of food and locavore produce, including wines, within Sardinia, whilst also taking in the history of the Island. Thoroughly recommended and off the beaten track.

For more information about our tours to Sardinia go to Flavours of Sardinia

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