Travel Italy with Wine and Food Traveller wine and food tours Italy in 2018.

The Ultimate Wine and Food Tour to Italy in 2018 travel Italy with Wine and Food Traveller

This tour is limited to only 8 people now, so if you want to join the ultimate wine and food tour please read on. wine and food tours, Truffle & Barolo tour,Sardinia and Piedmont, as good as it gets for travels in Italy. travel Italy with Wine and Food Traveller.

We will start with the Truffle & Barolo Tour on 4th September 2018, this tour will last 7 days (6 nights), on 10th September we will travel to Sardina on a direct flight from Turin or Cuneo (1 hour 25 min direct flight); & the Treasure of Sardinia Gourmet Tour will start on 10th September, with a duration of 7 days (6 nights);

Guests we will leave again to Turin (1 hour 25 min direct flight from Cagliari), they will arrive there on the evening of 17th September, so they will have the chance to spend 2 days in Turin and enjoy this gorgeous city before attending Terra Madre exhibition starting on 20th September.

For those wishing to stay on in Turin for Terra Madre, we can assist you with accommodation bookings but be quick to book as the week of the show is always extremely busy.

There is a good contingent of Slow Food people from Australia, myself included, already going to Terre Madre, and for me i will be spending time at the Truffle festival also happening over that month. travel Italy with Wine and Food Traveller.  Join me as we explore some of the best Foodie regions of Italy.

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Treasures of Sardinia – Truffles & Barolo Gourmet Tour An unforgettable gourmet journey among the most antique and precious culinary and cultural traditions of Italy Give yourself a unique holiday experience, taste the most authentic soul of Italy, among incredible pristine food & wine traditions, breath-taking landscapes, history and culture 4.000 years old. This is Sardinia. Indulge yourself with the elegance of historical fascinating wineries and refined Barolo tastings. The land of white truffles and Barolo, Piemonte, is waiting for you with its spectacular views.

For details on this tour click HERE

3 Replies to “The Ultimate Wine and Food Tour to Italy in 2018 travel Italy with Wine and Food Traveller”

  1. Hi Bruce..have been following you on Instagram & love your travel pics with the great food & wine stories. Your Sept tour sounds wonderful but we are committed to a new business for the next year or two. We’d planned to hopefully travel to Italy around Sept 2020. Will you still be offering similar tours in coming years? Fingers crossed at my end.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jen,
      Certainly hope to be continuing to grow and find new things to do and see in Italy. Each year we try to add a couple of new experiences, and this year will see a new Rome & Orvieto tour being launched.
      I am heading back again in September to do some end of vintage reviews, and then attend Terre Madre for the Truffle festival.
      Look forward to seeing you on one of our tours, the good thing is there are never any more than 6 people, and as everyone is like minded, everyone has a ball.
      Thanks for following and if you know of anyone wanting to see Italy, please pass my details on. ( My first ever travellers have just booked their 4th tour for next year, so we must be doing something right !!)
      Bruce White

  2. Thanks for your response. Yes, 2020 is still looking good..& we are forwarding your info to a few good friends who are showing interest in our plans. Keep up the great Instagram posts.
    Cheers.. Jen

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