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How much chocolate should you eat in Italy ?


How much chocolate should you eat in Italy ?

The answer, as much as you like. If you really need a reason to travel to Italy, this might help you make a decision.Renowned as one the biggest International Chocolate Festivals in the world, Eurochocolate is held in Perugia, a city popular for its Baci Perugina praline. Since 1994, visitors have enjoyed chocolate tasting events as well as workshops focused on this fine métiers d’art.The best part? The admission to the event is totally free. All you have to do is come to Perugia between 18th – 27th October 2019. Even without the festival of chocolate happening Perugia is a wonderful city for a culinary tour in Italy.
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Chocolate cafes in Perugia

Italy has a long tradition of chocolate making, with famous and historic chocolatiers located in cities such as Turin, Perugia and Modica. Bologna, Naples, Florence and the region of Tuscany, even if they are not immediately associated with chocolate, also have their traditional artisan chocolatiers. Not surprisingly, it is also in these cities that some of the most important chocolate fairs of Italy are being held. For more information about Umbria click Here,

Chocolate fairs Italy
Eurochocolate is a festival entirely dedicated to chocolate, a centuries-old tradition in Perugia, taking place every year in October.The festival started in 1993 and is one of the most famous and appreciated Italian wine and food event.The chocolate fair it has many stands in the City centre that acquires in this way colours, atmosphere and tastes of the festival giving a new life to the streets and urban areas. I recently attended another festival in Perugia, promoting its Medieval past, and it is a wonderful time to be in a city as it celebrates. They do it so well. The event  is enriched by tasting, show cooking, taste itineraries, spaces dedicated to children and many others activities like the Chocolate Sculptures.
September and October really are the best months to travel Italy, and our wine and food tours take advantage of that, by including as many visits as possible to Porcini, truffle and harvest celerations, both wine and Olive oil.
Our next tour to be launched will be a six day, six night  wine and food tour, combining the best of the region around  Orvieto, with Perugia. Contact me if you need details now. It will be ready for those travelling to Italy in 2020.

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