Luxury wine and food tours Sicily. Wine regions of Italy. Tenuta Regaleali

Wine Regions of Sicily. Tasca’s Tenuta Regaleali.


Tenuta Regaleali is a very special wine estate in Sicily, very difficult to get into, as they limit the number of guests, and after all, this is their country home, so it’s who you know that will determine a stay here. Our luxury wine and food tour of Sicily spends time here, and I must say, it is stunning. Finding the place is interesting, to say the least, but given our tours are all escorted with a driver you won’t have to worry about driving in Sicily. (My last driving trip in November nearly ended in divorce in Palermo !)

In 1830, two Tasca brothers bought the “Tenuta Regaleali” (Regaleali Estate), a green oasis in the centre of Sicily, in the ancient County of Sclafani. Since then, generation after generation have been custodians of this territory and have shared its fruits with passion.

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Regaleali, an estate of almost 600 hectares, 12 types of different soils, 6 hills between 450 and 850 metres above sea level, should be understood as an island in its own right, a monopole to be studied and understood with great precision. All wines come from a single vineyard, or from more than one vineyard, but always within the same estate. The Tasca family employ virtually the entire population of the nearby village of Vallelunga, and it is fair to say it is a tight knit community, proud of who they work for, and thankful for the commitment of this noble family.

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Our history in Sicily is written in the land that we care for and have handed down for eight generations. With the profound respect we owe to our tradition, and always looking towards the future.

Next to the vineyards grow olive trees, wheat fields and almond trees. In the vegetable gardens, in the pastures, in the orchards, men and women work to help us keep pace with the seasons and give birth to the best products of Sicily. Each with its own character, each with its own rhythms.

Today, for us, the biggest challenge is to preserve these places and leave them intact to our children, in a sign of constant attention to the protection of every single ecosystem.

Watch this video to fully understand the size of the estate.

A brief history , from the Tasca website.

1830 REGALEALI is born. 1200 hectares in the Regaleali contrada are purchased by the brothers Lucio and Carmelo Mastrogiovanni Tasca, introducing the most modern agricultural technology available into the Sicilian backcountry.

Lucio Tasca
Carmello Tasca
Carmello Tasca










 wine and food tours Sicily
Time for milking.

1854 A MODEL FARM; Regaleali is awarded the prize “model farm” in the annals of agriculture. Growing grains and producing fodder are at the time the main activities in the Regaleali area where the vineyards are only a small portion of the worked land.

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1890 NURSERY AT VILLA CAMASTRA The Tasca family vineyards are decimated by the phylloxera epidemic afflicting grape cultivation throughout Europe: a special nursery is created at Villa Camastra to graft the grapevines onto healthy rootstock coming from America.

1950 Reshaping the Estate The redistribution of the land during the agricultural reform in Italy brings about the reshaping of the Regaleali estate from its original 1200 hectares to 500 hectares.

1954 SAN LUCIO VINEYARD The first of the current Regaleali vineyards is planted, a plot of land planted with Nero d’Avola grapes using the gobelet training system.

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1960  Regaleali white makes its debut, a blend of Inzolia, Catarratto and Greganico that will become the company’s feather in their cap.

1979 INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES planted. Unbeknownst to his father, Lucio Tasca plants the first international varieties at the estate, : Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

To spend a couple of nights here, sampling amazing hospitality, tasting incredible local produce, relaxing in plush accommodation, and wonderful hosts to explain the culture of this majestic wine estate is a once in a lifetime  experience.

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Dinner at Tasca.
Sicily food and wine tour.
Cannoli and dessert wine at Tasca
Sicily wine tasting
Stunning wines from Tenuta Regaleali

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