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Need a reason to travel to Piedmont ??? how about Truffles.

Here is another reason to travel to Piedmont in October this year. The town of Alba will host the truffle fair between 6th October & 25th November, so what a wonderful opportunity to join one of our tours to coincide with these dates. For those who love truffle or those who want to learn the how & why of all things Truffle, get on board as soon as possible. Our wine and food tours will be in and around the Piedmont region over that time.  This also coincides with our Grand Culinary Tour, so it makes perfect sense to be there.

The International Alba WhiteTruffle Fair is the climax of Piedmont’s food and wine events.
During the eight weeks of the Fair, the “jewel of the earth” will be at the center of a rich programme of events including fairs, exhibitions, cooking shows, food and wine as well as cultural, musical, literary, folk and sports events. A schedule featuring events for about two months involving not only Alba, but the whole territory where, year after year, the mystery and magic of the Tuber Magnatum Pico are renewed, which has become, only in these areas, the symbol of a heritage of collective experiences combining catering, hospitality and the authentic Italian way of life.

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