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Postcards from Italy. Modena.

Modena is a friendly city, with an interesting history, where visitors can discover ancient flavours, on wine and food tours and music in the city theatres.It is a wonderful city to walk with stunning walkways and corridors and grand colourful buildings.  The historical centre recalls the greatness of the House of Este, thanks to whom Modena became State Capital from the end of the sixteenth-century to 1859. The emblem of all this magnificence is Palazzo Ducale, designed by the architect Avanzini on which other architects also worked, including Vigarani and Soli. Since the Unification of Italy, this building has been home to the prestigious Military Academy. Our wine and food tour takes in much of Modena and the farms that abound in the region.


Modena is famous worldwide for its flavours and art of good cooking with timeless ingredients from the past.


modena corridors

Modena offers an excellent variety of good food. Typical osterie, real trattorias and also lounge moods and creative cuisine, from the city to the hills, from the mountains to the valley, every restaurant, roadhouse or eating place offers tourists, visitors or those simply wanting to take a break, traditional and innovative menus that delight any palate. Attention to quality is a priority that characterises any lunch or dinner for all those visiting this area.


Many traditional recipes were born out of poverty and the availability of just a few basic ingredients, produced in an isolated and necessarily self-sufficient farming economy. These traditional recipes have been rediscovered and are now served throughout the province and in the mountains. Gnocco fritto (deep-fried bread dough) is very popular, as are crescentine (small flat bread cakes) cooked in the traditional tigelle moulds. Corn flour polenta is served throughout the mountains and borlenghi are a kind of typical pancake in the Panaro valley. Finally, there is tasty castagnaccio, a flat cake made from chestnut flour. Another flavour from the past is sfogliata di Finale Emilia, layers of puff pastry filled with cheese and also known as Torta degli Ebrei (Jewish Cake).

ModenaModena markets

Special Protection Consortia have been set up locally to guarantee the authenticity of these products and they provide information, documents and promotion of the various specialities made in Modena.

Visits can be made to farms throughout the province that produce Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Lambrusco di Modena, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena vinegar, Prosciutto di Modena and other local excellences.

ModenaModenaModenaModenaModenaModena wineModena Bloom

Walking Modena.

Words from Emilia Romagna Turismo. All images by Bruce White  the Wine and Food Traveller

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