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Postcards from Italy. Parma.

The Italian lifestyle is displayed at its magnificant best in Parma. This city has such a vibrancy and an elegant style. When they come out for passeggiata, they do it in style, with some of the best dining and wining options in any city in Italy that I have seen. During my wine and food tour through this part of Italy last year I wrote my Best Of Italy overview. For more detail read it here.Parmagiano Reggiano Cheese.

Parma’s center is full of art masterpieces, wide green spaces, little and big treasures from different ages, welcoming visitors and citizens all in the refined atmosphere of a petite capital. The presence of music in the history of the city is various and recognized worldwide; the spirit of initiative and everyone’s passion give the city a deserved relevant position among the capitals of music. The gastronomic tradition is also very remarkable, offering, besides cold cuts and cheese which are famous all over the world, first courses of homemade pasta cooked in different ways. Parma in 2015 was designated Creative City of Gastronomy Unesco. It will be the Capital city of Culture in 2020.

Parmigiana Reggio Cheese

Cheese of Parma

Parma cheese tour

Don’t miss
The city’s flower symbol of the city, the violet, particularly loved by the Duchess Maria Luigia d’Austria, is now a famous perfume and a delicious frosted candy, the right gifts to purchase as a souvenir from Parma. Created and launched in 1870 by Lodovico Borsari who gave the name to a renowned perfume factory, the violet of Parma became a cult in fashion, literature and the imagery of the city.
On the table

The star of the parmesan gastronomy is the pork from which Prosciutto di Parma is made, accompanied by Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. First courses are also typical, such as cappelletti or anolini cooked in broth, homemade pasta stuffed with stew cooked as well in broth and served most of all during Christmas time. Among the main courses there is stew, cooked slowly and for a long time in beef’s broth.



For fun

Nightlife in Parma starts with the traditional aperitif, Aperitivo, that is usually a get together right before dinnertime, becoming often a dinner itself and continuing until late at night. The pedestrian area of Strada Farini, departing from Piazza Garibaldi, features a row of places to have a drink, as well as Via D’Azeglio, a street of the city centre called “over the river”. Joining a small group of people with a glass in their hand, standing outside of the bars and invading the streets, is for sure the most fun way to start the night in Parma.

Chocolate of Italy

Main events

A night at the Regio theatre during the opera season or the Festival Verdi is not to be missed, the festival takes place every year in October. In September delicious pork is celebrated with the Festival of Prosciutto tempting gluttons with its events.
Many more are the events during the year, for every taste, from music to gastronomy, theatre and art.

Meanwile, standing out among the wines meeting DOC standards are the white Malvasia and Sauvignon and the red Colli di Parma.


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