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Sardinia Day One. A taste of what’s to come

Just a sample of what unfolds on our Sardinian Delights tour.

our destination is Oristano, a beautiful medieval city in the Middle of the Island, along the road we stop at a small village, where will meet Maria Antonietta and Viittorina, two ladies that run a tiny hand made pasta producer, one of the last in Italy. We watch the process of making one of the most precious and particular Italian pasta, “lorighittas”. Then have lunch in a fantastic agriturismo, where our host Lucia and her old mother will make the typical Sardinian lunch, a real pleasure for the eyes and for the palate. Be prepared for an amazing experience. After lunch we travel to our final destination for that day, a family run little resort in the country near Oristano, time to rest and freshen up at the hotel and meet again for dinner, where chef Claudio will take us through the flavour of the Sardinian Sea, we taste bottarga, the Sardinian caviar, accompanied by delicious local wines as the Vermentino di Oristano.

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