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Travelling in Tuscany

Sharing the beauty, the colours and the flavours of Tuscany is easy. Its finding a point of difference that inspires us to put together experiences that appeal to adventuresome Australians who love to get off the beaten track.

Not content with the normal in Tuscany we aim to immerse our guests in the Italian Lifestyle by building relationships with the artisans that are not to be found in the mainstream. A tour of any region in Italy is always dependant on the season, so the content of the tours will be different based on the month you travel to Italy. Truffle hunting is a good example, with 3 types of Truffle being available in different months of the year.

So before you travel, spend some time talking to us about your likes, what you want to do when you travel in Italy. Is it art and culture, wine and food, is it getting to know how the Italians live, farming practises and the wonderful Italian lifestyle.

It is important is is to know someone who has the contacts.

You may only do Italy once in your lifetime, so dont waste time trying to arrange it yourself.

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