September arrives and with it ‘sagre’ season – from now until the beginning of December, towns and villages around Italy host a number of food festivals centered around seasonal regional products.

Parmigiana Reggio Cheese

We love sagre as they provide a fun chance to try authentic local food and wine while mingling with locals. Here we’ve selected some great sagre around Italy you can reach by train.

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Mercato del Pane e dello Strudel – Bressanone, South Tyrol

Schüttelbrot and Pusterer Breatln are two varieties of typical breads of the South Tyrol region of Italy, which will be on display, among others, at the ‘Bread and Strudel Market’ on Piazza Duomo in Bressanone-Brixen.

Bread is revered in South Tyrol, where hundreds of different types are produced: black, wholemeal, flavored with fennel, topped with sunflower or poppy seeds, and more.

Bakers illustrate the various bread-making and –baking techniques and reveal tricks and secrets to obtain some excellent bread.

Bressanone is easily reached by regional train from Bolzano, which in turn is well served by high-speed rail.


Dì de la Brisaola – Chiavenna, Lombardy

Literally the ‘Day of Bresaola,’ the event is a celebration of a product that is the symbol of the Valchiavenna, a beautiful alpine region located to the north of Lake Como. It will be possible to try 14 different varieties of bresaola (air-dried, salted beef, aged two to three months, produced since at least the 1400s), directly from the local artisanal producers. Breasola originated right in this area and adjacent Valtellina, and it is spelled ‘brisaola’ in Valchiavenna to differentiate it from that produced in Valtellina.

The major town in the area is Sondrio, which is where you can catch the regional train to Chiavenna, site of the event,


Festa del Vino e del Monferrato – Casale Monferrato (Alessandria), Piedmont)

In September, the hills of Monferrato come alive for the most important time of the agricultural season: the grape harvest, which will eventually result in the production of some of the finest and most appreciated wines in the world. Monferrato, a Unesco World Heritage site, is indeed among the most important wine regions of Italy.

September is also rice harvest time in the plains of the area, and you’ll be able to try varieties of risotto. In addition, other typical products, such cured meats and sweets, will be on offer for a true foodie feast.

The event takes place on two consecutive weekends in September. Casale Monferrato can be reached by train from Milan and Turin.

Alba White Truffle Festival

The Alba White Truffle Festival is one of the best-known truffle fairs in Italy. It takes place in Alba, considered the capital of the Unesco-inscribed hilly area of Langhe, every weekend from October 6 to November 25.  The event includes a truffle show, a truffle sensory analysis, wine tasting (this is the home of Nebbiolo, Moscato Bianco and Barbera vines).


Festa di San Nicola-Sagra del Tortellino – Castelfranco Emilia, Bologna

Your chance to taste authentic tortellini in the place that, according to legend, is its birthplace, the small town of Castelfranco Emilia, located halfway between Bologna and Modena. A small square of egg pasta stuffed with pork loin, ham, mortadella, parmesan, nutmeg, pepper and salt has become the emblem of Emilia’s cuisine.


Castelfranco Emilia is an easy and quick train ride from Bologna or Modena.

Sagra delle Castagne e del Marron Buono – Marradi (Romagna-Tuscany)

The Festival of Chestnuts in Marradi, a charming village in the Romagna Apennines, between Faenza, Florence and the Adriatic coast, is a must for castagne lovers. Surrounded by extensive chestnut groves, Marradi, land of the ‘marron buono’ (the good chestnut) is especially renowned for its chestnut production and its chestnut fair is one of the most important in Italy.  It takes place every Sunday in October, and the train ride to get there, along the Faentina railway line, from Faenza, is especially picturesque.

Festa dell’Olio – San Quirico d’Orcia

One of Tuscany’s most prestigious olive oils is produced in the area around San Quirico d’Orcia, where the Festa dell’Olio in December celebrates the new oil, still made with the traditional stone mills.


Primi d’Italia – Foligno (Umbria)

The Primi d’Italia is a national festival taking place in the historic center of Foligno dedicated to celebrating first dishes only, like pasta, polenta, soups, gnocchi and rice. Chefs from all over Italy gather in Foligno to give visitors a taste of original primi recipes they’ve created for the event,