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An authentic wine and food experience in Sardinia.Thank you.

These comments will make you want to travel to Sardinia for culinary experiences. Thank you Teresa. …………..

Hi Bruce, I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your recommendation via your blog to connect with the wonderful Angelina Fadda  for an authentic wine and food experience in Sardinia.

This was my very first trip to Italy and your description really piqued my interest in the exciting possibilities offered through her guided culinary tours. I booked my trip very spontaneously with only a week lead time so I didn’t have much time to create a complex itinerary. So I was extremely grateful to be able to avail myself of Angelina’s knowledge and recommendations.
Each and every activity in the 3-day itinerary was a delicious and rewarding experience and provided a complete immersion in the wonders of Sardinian culture and cuisine.
It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have made Angelina’s acquaintance, and we connected on the same level from the outset, which grew into what we both feel is the beginning of a lifetime friendship.
I hope this is the first of many such amazing culinary experiences in Bella Italia and I am sure our paths will cross too Bruce, as I hope to participate in one of your tours in the future.
Till then, my best wishes with your endeavours and keep up the fabulous job with Wine & Food Traveller!

Kind regards,
Teresa Augimeri

Thank you Teresa and we look forward to having you travel with us again.

Cheers Bruce White

The Wine and Food Traveller.

Anti Pasta Sardinia.

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