Sardinia wine and food tours Flavours of Sardinia 2019 slow food tour date

Sardinia Wine and Food tours. Dates announced.

We are taking bookings now for our delicious wine and food tour to Sardinia in Italy. A very special experience awaits you on the wonderful island of Sardinia,    Flavours of Sardinia explores the best slow food and locavore available from our special producers across the island.

coastal Sardinia

Our fully escorted tours , limited to 8 people per group, are filling for these dates. All tours are fully inclusive and a typical  itinerary is available at this link.

10-20 June 2019.

26 August- 5 September 2019  Almost sold out

12-22 September. 2019.

20- 31 October.   just added

Reserve your place now to be part of  this amazing experience.

Amazing seafood in Sardinia.

Food tells the story of a territory: very few places in the world can boast food as authentic as that in Sardinia. The Slow Food of Sardinia is so good.

Sardinian cuisine

The quality of the products and the preparation and flavour of the dishes are values that go beyond their tastiness and are the heritage of thousands of years of history

Sardinian cuisine

Sardinian cuisine is still very similar to the way it was many centuries ago, while differing between the various territories and preparation techniques. Whether on the coast or inland, Sardinia’s delicious specialities, based on simple and genuine ingredients, with strong yet delicate flavours, never fail to amaze you.

You will enjoy authentic products and traditional dishes wherever you go on the Island. Our food and wine tours ensure you go to places others dont.

Sardinia is the home of numerous traditional high quality products: from Pecorino and Fiore Sardo cheeses, Zafferano (saffron) and Bottarga (salted, cured fish roe) to its wines, Vermentino & Cannanau.

wines of Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most active regions in Italy when it comes to biodiversity and winemaking and viticulture are both historic and modern in approach. 75% of wines are organic. Our Sardinian wine and food tours explore both ends of the spectrum when we criss cross this wonderful island of Sardinia.

Family kitchens and restaurants are always at work preparing typical recipes and specialities.

Cooking with Nona.
Freshly pressed Olive Oil.

Natural monuments and unique landscapes, hills and valleys, birdlife parks and reserves, old towns and archaeological sites, knowledge and flavours, artistic handicrafts are all part of our food and wine itineraries.

Dont wait, to taste these cheeses & wines of Sardinia next year, book now. Or email me  for more information on these tours. I have just returned and can talk passionately about this tour.


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